Twoday’s Kitchen and Bath offers stylish conversions and retrofits to update your bath and give it a new age modern look and feel. No need for extensive and messy bathroom shower remodeling.

We can install your new bathroom shower and tub as a stand-alone service or as part of a Twoday’s Kitchen and Bath Retrofit Package or a custom package.

Our bathtub and shower conversions are conveniently made to fit into the average 60″ tub/shower alcove and are virtually maintenance free with a modern look.


Choose from Top Products

We only install top quality products from respected brands like Mirolin. You have your choice of type of tub and/or shower units including skirted baths, alcove baths, tub showers or just a shower. You can also choose from different bases and enclosures for your showers.

Click the pictures below for more information on the various options available.















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