Twoday’s Bathrooms offers modern conversions and retrofits to update your bath and give it a modern look and feel with our superior wall systems.


We can install your new shower and tub as a stand-alone service or as part of Twoday’s Bathroom Retrofit Package.

Our wall systems are available in a variety of styles to suit every bathroom and come in regular and premium acrylic as well as Utile systems as detailed below.

All of our wall systems are beautiful, cost effective, quick to install, water and mold resistant, easy to maintain and extremely durable.


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Acrylic Wall Systems


Subway Acrylic Wall Systems

Our Subway Acrylic Wall System is featured in a classic white and is beautiful and easy maintenance in any bathroom – without sacrificing durability and quality.

acrylic wall

The best part, if there can only be one best part, is: grout lines! With the Subway Acrylic Wall System although you have the look of grout, you never have to worry about the maintenance of it. Home owners love the retro-chic look our Subway Acrylic Wall System creates.



8″ by 10″ Acrylic Wall Systems


Our 8″ x 10″ wall system give your bathroom a contemporary modern feel.  Enhancing the look of any bathroom it creates a spacious look  in the classic white colour; seamlessly blending with any décor in the home.

Much like the Subway System, the 8″ x 10″ Acrylic Wall System also takes away the hassle of grout lines without taking away the aesthetic. The 8″ x 10″ Acrylic Wall System offers visual appeal, quality and easy maintenance.


Smooth White Acrylic Wall Systems


Enjoy the minimalist feel and aesthetic with a Smooth White System. The Smooth White Acrylic Wall System allows you to make an impact without taking away from the rest of the bathroom.  Take away the worries of yellowing, cracking and fading. With the beautiful sheen of the White Surround, keep guests and visitors envious with this easy maintenance wall.


2. Bella Stone™ Bathwall Systems Acrylic Walls

Upgrade Premium Acrylic

A beautiful natural stone or tile look wall system.

Bella Stone Bathwall System

Bella Stone Bathwall System in Limestone


Bella Stone Bathwall System in Subway Tile


For more information on  Bella Stone Bathwall Systems visit the website HERE.


3. Zitta ROC Walls 

Premium Fast Fit ROC Shower walls.  As a package or stand a lone.

Resin high pressure cast Slate texture With a slate finish, the stylish Zitta ROC walls come in white, grey and black.

zitta ROC


Zitta ROC Colours – black, grey, white

Zitta ROC colours

Zitta ROC wall panels come in 2 styles and are resin high pressure cast.

Zitta ROC regular and niche style walls

For more information on Zitta ROC visit the website HERE.


4. Utile by MAXX (Wall Panels and/or complete bath shower solutions)

Premium Fast Fit  walls.  As a package or stand a lone.

Our innovative Utile wall panels are stylish, modern and look exactly like real tile.

You’ll love the realistic-looking tile patterns and grout lines which are crack-proof and low-maintenance plus the fact that it installs quickly unlike traditional tiling.

To see more information about the Utile wall systems, please visit the manufacturer’s website HERE.

To see the complete line of Utile bath/shower solutions we install,  please visit our website HERE.

Utile Wall System


Utile Metro Alcove

Wall Systems & Windows in Bathing Area

Wall systems can be used for various reasons, however if you have a window in your bathing area you can choose to use it (by selecting a wall system below that can be cut to accommodate the window OR lose it (select a bath system that already comes with a wall system that cannot be altered and covers up the window area).

Not sure which wall system is right for you?  Please give us a call 905-641-2284 or fill out a form online.

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