Walk in Tubs


Twoday’s S.E.A. BATH is our specialty division for clients who may have difficulty using traditional tubs and showers. The name S.E.A. BATH stands for SAFE EASY ACCESS BATH

Not only do we specialize in retrofitting the bathing area, we retrofit the entire bathroom, enabling you to live in your own home much longer than what would otherwise be possible.

We offer a wide variety of products to assist our clients with varying degrees of abilities, many sizes and options available to suit most decors and budgets.

Accessible baths help to make bathing easier and safer for people of all ages. Explore our diverse selection of accessible tubs including walk-in baths featuring spa-like options with an easy to open door.

For your information, here is a brief video on how to select a Walk-In-Tub:

Below, the various types of Walk-In Baths Available.  Please click on the images for more information.