A Bathroom Remodel Guide

A Bathroom Remodel Guide

Having a bathroom remodel guide can be a great way to start your bathroom project and make sure you do not forget anything.

We specialize in bathrooms, so we know a thing or to about what you need to consider, so lets go!

Get Inspired

One of the best ways to start your project is to find inspiration from other completed projects online that you like.  Vanities, tubs, showers, toilets, flooring, lighting….you name it, find pictures and piece them together so that you can get a sense of what is available and what it is that you like.

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Maxx Modular Combo

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Not only is this a great way to start dialogue with other people in your household to achieve the ideal bathroom for everyone, but it will be an extremely effective tool when communicating with your contractor when getting you initial quote.

Consider What Can Stay and What Must Go

Maybe you are considering a full gut job on the new bathroom, or maybe there are some items that can be kept.  Consider this at the beginning of the project as you plan and note keeping things like the current location of plumbing can save a lot of money in the end.

Here is a checklist of things to consider here that includes all different features in a bathroom renovation:

-Shower -Shower door or curtainBathtub/spa -Soap holder/shelving -Cabinets/shelves -Countertops -Vanities -Toilet and faucet -Grab bars -Lighting -Medicine cabinet -Tub/shower faucet, valve, and drain -Mirrors -Shower seats -Adding walls -Soap and lotion dispensers -Wallcoverings (paint, tile, wallpaper) -Flooring -Toilet paper and towel holders -Ventilation (exhaust fan)

Find a Contractor

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A little research goes a long way in finding someone to help you get the bathroom that you want.  Here are some tips to help you find a great contractor:


Ask your neighbors or friends if they can recommend a contractor. Check review sites and a company’s website for additional feedback. Remember one negative review doesn’t mean that a contractor isn’t good. 


Many general contractors will do many types of projects, however it is advisable to find ones that specialize in bathrooms as they will not only have the most experience dealing with the intricacies of bathroom remodels, but likely the best supply chains and turnaround times.  This is crucial when dealing with bathroom spaces that usually need to be useable as soon as possible in a household.

Length of time in business

Companies that have been around for longer and are established in the community are generally more stable than newer companies. This doesn’t mean a young company won’t do good work. Although, you have more assurance that the company will be around to address warranty issues if they’ve been in business for a while.

Customer Service & Estimates

Once you contact a contractor, it is a good rule of thumb to measure the level of customer service before the job.  Do you get a quick follow up?  Is the response professional and fulfill your expectations? A quality contractor will also be able to offer you a no obligation estimate of the project to give you a scope of the work.


Based on the work you’ve chosen, the types of fixtures and finishes, and after speaking to a contractor, you should be able to establish a budget that works for you.  A qualified contractor should also be able to assist you in making changes to your renovation if necessary to achieve your budget goals.

Timelines to Consider

One of the most important things to factor into your renovation is the downtime of the bathroom that is manageable for you.  An extensive demolition and renovation project may take months, while if you’re changing out bathroom fixtures and adding paint, you may be able to complete it in a few days.

Final Thoughts

A bathroom project can be accomplished to satisfy every taste and budget, but planning out the renovation manages expectations and makes for a smooth process.

Our team at Twoday’s Bathrooms have been serving the Niagara Region for many years and we specialize in giving our customers a beautiful new bathroom in two days or less with our no heavy demolition process and high technology products that are built to beautify and last!

It all starts with a FREE home estimate, so please contact us today if you are considering a bathroom remodel.

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Twoday’s Bathroom and One Day Tub is located in the Niagara Region and a division of 310 Bath Inc which has been providing quality on budget renovation solutions for over 25 years.

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