Should I Get a Tub or a Shower in My Bath Renovation?

Should I Get a Tub or a Shower in My Bath Renovation?

Will a bathtub or shower work better in your home?

The answer is simple: there is no clear-cut answer. Both have pros and cons which vary according to your stage in life and your family.

Shower Options

Homeowners in their senior years or with limited mobility tend to favor stall showers over baths, to avoid having to climb in and out of a steep-sided, slippery tub. Also the addition of a seat can be very helpful in safety issues inside the shower, while still being a very attractive feature in the bathroom

Having kids in the home who often prefer showers (and showers also use less water) can be another factor that make a shower a great choice. Below, the Madison 4 Shower Collection.

Madison 4 Shower


Tub Options

Many folks like the luxury of a quiet, contemplative soak in a tub. Bathtubs are also much more convenient for bathing young children and pets.

Built-in bathtubs have long been popular for their space-saving properties as well and can be very comfortable with features like lumbar support. Below the Austin tub.

Austin Tub

Water Usage

Although the capacity of a standard bathtub is 42 gallons, that’s not allowing for water displacement by the human body. In actual practice, a bath tends to take closer to 30 gallons. Compare that to a typical 10-minute shower, which uses 25 gallons of water. With a low-flow showerhead, that amount is reduced to 20 gallons. When you shorten your time under the spray or temporarily turn off while you lather up or shave, you can decrease your water usage even more, making the shower much more water efficient.

Home Resale Value

Real estate brokers report that most house hunters want at least one tub in the home they eventually purchase. So in a nutshell, if you only have one bathroom perhaps a tub shower combination is a good choice for you in resale situations. The Empire tub shower below.

Tub Shower Empire Collection

Bottom Line

A new tub or shower will bring daily joy to your hygiene routine and the best choice depends on your personal situation.

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