Questions to Ask Before You Start a Bathroom Reno Project

Questions to Ask Before You Start a Bathroom Reno Project

As with any home project, there are questions you need to ask – and answer before you start a bathroom renovation project! Here are some of the top considerations:


The average bathroom remodel will vary widely, based on what you do. Even a simple toilet can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Learning how much you have to spend  eliminates falling in love with items that don’t fit your budget, so get a home estimate, find out the options and figure out what is right for you.

Who will be using the bathroom?

Consider who will be using the bathroom to help you whittle down your choices. For instance, if kids will be using the bathroom, you’ll definitely want a tub, or tub/shower combo.

You also need to consider who will be using the bathroom when you’re choosing the flooring. While a polished floor may look amazing, it can be an incredibly dangerous slip hazard and a fibre floor option may be more practical.

Do you want a bigger bathroom ?

The average bathroom is 40 square feet, which may be cramped if you dream of an expansive space.  However a bigger bathroom is usually possible but it will be a significant add to the budget.

Are you changing fixtures and/or location? Where you want everything located is important—keeping things where they are keeps costs way down while moving plumbing, etc., again can be done but will add to the budget.

What lies beneath your existing bathroom? Before you renovate, you should find out what underlying materials you’ll encounter because old and broken down materials will add cost to your overhead once the contractors get inside your walls.

What extras do you want? A remodel is a great time to think about special extras that you’ve always dreamed of. A  double vanity, premium fixtures, heated floors, and towel racks all fall into this category. If you are set on extras, it will be more expensive, but on the other hand it will be luxuries that you will enjoy daily for years to come so it may be worth it!

How much will the bathroom remodel impact your home life?

Rapido Shower Series from Twoday’s Bathrooms

On average, a bathroom remodel can take about 25 days.  Fortunately with options like Twoday’s Bathrooms ONE DAY and TWO DAY packages, your family has a choice to enjoy minimal downtime and still get a new bathroom cost effectively.

Are you ready to get this exciting project started in your home?  The experts at Twoday’s Bathrooms are here to help you decide what will work for your unique taste and needs!  All it takes is a call or email for a FREE IN HOME CONSULTATION in the Niagara Region.

Call: 1-844-TWO-DAYS or fill out the form below for a quick response.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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