How to MAXIMIZE Space in a Small Bathroom

How to MAXIMIZE Space in a Small Bathroom

(Main picture, a Corra Tub by Twoday’s Bathrooms)

Many homes have smaller bathroom spaces but that doesn’t mean they can’t seem spacious with the right design choices.  Here are our top three considerations:

Pick Colours Wisely

Wall, tile and cabinet colours can greatly affect a bathroom’s perceived size. Think light colours, even white.  Remember, it’s important that you also keep colour shades uniform as much as possible, both between floors and walls as well as between walls and ceiling, and never use too much contrast.

This tip will visibly expand the space, eliminating the intersecting planes, which instead make it appear smaller.

Light coloured cabinets in a small space are ideal and if the other elements are neutral, they will blend in and open up the space as opposed to taking it up.

Below a Dove White Cabinet with matching mirror as part of a Twoday’s Bathrooms 2 day bathroom package.

Natural Light is Always a Winner

Natural light is your best friend and you should make good usage of that relationship. Use natural light as much as possible as it will make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is. For this reason, avoid covering windows and shutters with heavy curtains. Clean and minimalist blinds are a great choice.

Frosted window finishes offer another option for privacy without sacrificing natural light


To maximize a smaller space and create the illusion of a bigger one, it’s best to choose large mirrors to reflect the surrounding space. Once you’ve done that, then fit a light above or opposite the mirrors to exploit the reflection!

Not sure where to begin?  On a tight budget for your small bathroom?  The team at Twoday’s Bathrooms specialize in making small bathrooms amazing.  Choose a one day tub, shower or tub to shower conversion, a two day complete bathroom package that includes the one day services PLUS a toilet, vanity, mirror and floor, OR ask us about your custom needs…we do that too.

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