How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Tub


A great bathtub not only adds value to your home, but it can be a source of great relaxation.

After years and much use, however the bathtub you currently have may not be ideal so, how do you know if your bathtub should be replaced?

Here are some things to consider…


You see cracks in your bathtub? This is a visual indication that you are also facing leaks. Water leaking anywhere in your home is not only inefficient but damaging (mold, wet) to your home’s integrity.  On top of this, there are major health concerns when mold is in your home.  A new bathtub is a wise investment in this case.

You Detect Leaks

To detect a leak, fill your bathtub with water, securely blocking the drain. Let the water stand for an hour or two, checking it periodically to see if the water level drops. While a small amount may evaporate or slip through a drain seal that is not completely tight, you shouldn’t expect to see a significant drop in water level. If you do, you are most likely facing a leak and it is time to consider an upgrade.

Stains Are Really Hard to Remove

Stains in your tub look bad and can also be from residue from other materials – a residue that can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Allowing those small microbes to take hold means each time you get ready to have a bath, germs are also there So, if you are facing some stains you just can’t get rid of, it might be time to consider replacing your tub.

Mold & Mildew in the Surrounding Wall Structure 

If your current bathtub has a lot of tile and seams it is likely over time that mold has had a place to grow. If your tub or shower has developed so much mold that you can’t scrub it free, replacing it may be your only option.  Our attractive easy maintenance wall systems are geared at giving you a mold free experience.

Safety Concerns

Not only is the bathroom one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, it is one of the most dangerous. The combination of water, slippery surfaces and bare feet have led many an individual to fall and hurt themselves – often when getting into and out of the bath.

It may be that your bathtub just doesn’t provide the level of safety you want. There are many very attractive and budget friendly options that are available to make your bathtub safer. Upgrading your tub so it includes grab bars for example, can be a good way to help you maintain your independence while bathing.

Keeping it Clean

Feel like all you do is clean your bathtub? A seamless tub cuts down on how often you need to scrub your tub. Why? Because the fewer nooks, the fewer opportunities mold has to grow.

You Want a Modern Look

Sometimes your current tub can be structurally OK but it just is outdated and you want a fresh modern look.  This is as good a reason as any to get a new tub and many of our customers seek out our services for just that reason.

Ready to upgrade your tub? Schedule a free consultation today.  Our team at Twoday’s are dedicated pros who have completed over 5000 new bathrooms to happy customers within the Niagara Region to date.


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