Twoday's Bathroom Renovation Solutions

It is often the case that our bathrooms are the last room to get renovated. How many houses have you been to with a beautifully modern interior design, to then see the bathroom, still sporting that delightful avocado toilet, sink, and bath set up? The main reason for people dragging their heels in the renovation of their bathrooms is the disruption that it causes.

For some people, a bathroom renovation can mean spending days, if not weeks without the proper use of their bathroom. And in our busy lives today, this just won't do.

Twoday's Bathrooms

Now, Twoday's Bathrooms have a solution. They have managed to design and develop methods which make the fitting out of a bathroom a whole lot quicker, without having to compromise on quality.

The Two Day Bathrooms package includes the fitting or renovation of flooring, vanities and tops, and the faucets and toilets. They are all designed to your own personal style and taste in mind and are most definitely not about covering up old, broken, and ugly features of your existing bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation

Two Day Bathrooms offer two packages:

The One Day Tub/Shower Retrofit Package

This package involves taking out all of the existing pieces in the bathroom, repairing anything that needs to be repaired, and using our specially developed Fast Fit System. Your new 3 piece free standing tub/shower unit is then fit and reinforced with plywood and fiberglass.

The Two-Day Bathroom Retrofit Package

This package also starts off with the removal of all of the existing pieces – including the floor and any repairs that are needed to be carried out. A new flooring which is non-slip and soft to walk on can be fit, along with a unique vanity top, which is available in a large variety of styles, materials, tops, and sinks. The Two Day bathroom re-fit package also includes the fitting of an American Standard, or Kohler toilet, faucet and accessories.

As your old bathroom will literally be removed, and not just be covered up, you will begin to see not just a change in the visual side of your bathroom, but also the quality of a brand new bathroom. This means that there is a lower risk of problems and a long lasting bathroom. The best thing is that you get this brand new renovated bathroom in a maximum of two days! So there's very little disruption to your overall day to day.

Just because the process has been developed for the pieces to be fit as quickly as possible, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t of good quality. It is for this reason exactly why the special designs were made in the first place, and so it is the perfect solution.

If you have a tired, out-dated or retro-style bathroom that you are looking to renovate, in a high-quality manner and with as little disruption as possible, why not think about a one or two-day re-fit package?

For more information about your bathroom renovation options, get in touch with us today.