The Importance of Bathroom Fans

A lot of homes come with a bathroom fan already installed, but there are some that don’t. Often older houses never took into account fans or ventilation when they were built, and this can be disastrous for the health of your property.

There are a number of reasons why a bathroom fan is necessary, and why if you don’t have one, you really should make getting one a priority.

What does a bathroom fan actually do?

The main function of a bathroom fan is to ventilate and remove moisture from the air in the bathroom.


With all the steam created by showers, bathrooms become very high in moisture. They need to be properly ventilated to prevent the humidity from building up and causing problems. High amounts of humidity can cause paper or paint to peel and come off the walls, as well as warping wood. If left over time, this could result in structural problems for your home.

But the worst problem that high humidity can cause is the growth of mold spores. Not only are these damaging to your property, but they can also cause health problems for both people and animals.


Naturally, there are all kinds of odours which are produced in the bathroom. A bathroom fan will introduce new air and cause old air to circulate, helping to reduce odours and smells, making the experience of the next person to enter, a much more pleasant one.


As we endeavor to keep our bathrooms clean and hygienic, we often use a lot of chemicals. These chemicals often give off fumes which aren’t safe for us to breath. This is a cause for concern especially for young children, the elderly, and those with lung or breathing conditions. A bathroom fan is a great way of getting rid of those toxic fumes meaning that we can enjoy the cleanliness of the chemicals without risking our health with toxic fumes.

Choosing a Fan

When you are choosing a bathroom fan, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration:

  • The size of the fan that is required should be directly linked to the size of your bathroom and what you have in it.
  • Different fans have different noise levels – choose one which is acceptable to you.
  • Think about how you want to control your fan. Some people connect it to the light, others to timers or humidity sensors.
  • Think about how and how often you want to clean your fan.

It is obvious that every bathroom needs a fan – both for the health of the property, and the people in it. By choosing the right one, you can make sure that it is effective and beneficial to the environment where you are living.

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