Renovate your New Home's Bathroom with a Retrofit

A great bathroom can seal the deal when looking for a new home. Likewise, an outdated or rundown bathroom can have you running for the hills. A big bill renovation might be the last thing you want after spending so much money on a new home. A less than desirable bathroom might have you deciding against the purchase of your dream home. With retrofit packages, a nasty bathroom won't have you missing out.

A quality bathroom retrofit provides a number of options to renovate your new home's bathroom, without costing you the bank and the usual grief. In just a couple of days, your new bathroom can look new again.

Saving you money

After making the largest purchase of your life in a new home, no one is interested in costly reno's that will further put a strain on the wallet. A straightforward retrofit assumes you don't need to reconfigure the space in your bathroom. This fact, along with the existing structure your bathroom already provides allows a retrofit with the need for less of everything, including money. You can be enjoying a new bathroom for a lot less, with a quality retrofit.

Saving you time

You've purchased a new home and decided that it is time to do something with that avocado toilet. Unlike a complete bathroom renovation, a retrofit can be done in a couple of days. Once your options for design, cost, and colour have been chosen, the process is considerably faster. In fact, options can be decided while you wait for your closing date. With a complete renovation, your bathroom could be under construction for weeks. With a retro fit, your contractor can hit the ground running the day you get your keys and can be out of there before the boxes are unpacked. After purchasing your new home, you want to be able to fully enjoy it.

Saving you mess

Knowing the house you are considering to purchase will only be under construction for a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks will make your decision a whole lot easier. Often, shower enclosures are added to a new home during the construction phase because they are too large and cumbersome to install when doors and walls are in place. Doing a retrofit makes a shower makeover possible as these units come in two or three more pieces. A retrofit doesn't just mean covering up the old. There will generally be less of a mess since a retrofit will require less demolition.

Don't let an outdated bathroom deter you from purchasing your dream home. While the purchase of a new home can be costly and time-consuming, with the right retrofit, your dream bathroom doesn't have to be. Contact us today and our team of experts will be ready to help you plan your new bathroom retrofit.